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Handmade candles for events and decorations

With a tradition of more than 10 years, we create and produce candles for events but also for home, in our workshop in Sibiu. Started as a family business, we soon managed to develop the company and hire very good people from our city. We are constantly paying attention to the quality of our candles and we choose the best raw materials, which together with our care during the production process, guarantee a top final product.

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Light creators

Most of the candles created in our workshop are handmade - handmade, following the steps set by the company's founder. Every newly created product is tested for a long time in our workshop to ensure that once launched on the market, it will provide a wonderful experience to the end customer.

We produce candles in series but also to order, depending on the requests of our partners and customers. In particular, for weddings and baptisms, we have pillar-type candles that are individually personalized with hand-painted, resulting in unique products.

In recent years we have managed to create a complex portfolio of candles, differentiated by size, shape, texture and color, grouped into the following categories:

  • wedding and christening candles (simple or personalized);
  • rustic candles;
  • decorative candles;
  • floating candles;
  • candlestick candles (cylindrical, conical or rectangular);
  • figurine candles for Easter or Christmas;
  • custom seasonal candles;
  • beeswax candles;
  • testimonial candles;
  • candles.

Why us?

Over 10 years of experience and creating candles for all types of events but also for home. We are one of the largest candle manufacturers in the country.

Our workshop is prepared and has production capacity for both large orders, series, and special orders, customized.

Quality candles and accessories made with top ingredients, uniform and tested both for effect and ambiance and in terms of safety.

Favorable terms and conditions, both in terms of prices depending on quantity and delivery throughout the country.

Note - We do not accept any liability for damages that may result from improper use of any of our products.

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Local product in Sibiu

Local product in Sibiu

No smoke

Prolonged burning

Prolonged burning


We are glad that we can create candles for our partners and customers but also very grateful for the special relationships we have managed to create.

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